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14 Reasons Why Your Store Isn’t Making Sales

Creating an online store is one of the easiest ways for you to build an income with few overheads and sales around-the-clock worldwide.  Yet your store isn’t making any sales at all, and you don’t know why.  Clients wanting expert advice ask “Why don’t I have any sales?” or “It’s been five months!  My store has […]

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How To Fix Shopify SEO Metadata Step-by-Step (With Pictures)

Nearly all Shopify stores that aren’t making any sales or enough sales show poor choices in page metadata.  We’ll show you how to fix your Shopify SEO metadata descriptions, so you do better in search engines, and get more store sales. We see stores with ingredients for an excellent customer experience – plenty of products, […]

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Boosting Your Online Store SEO Using Descriptions

Most online business owners make the mistake of auto-generating their store page descriptions. We’ll show you how writing your descriptions will boost your online store’s SEO.  With well-crafted descriptions, you should expect better click-through rates, reduced bounce rates, and increased sales. You can think of meta descriptions as another opportunity to “advertise” your store’s content […]

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Where To Sell Online, Shopify or EBay?

If you’re starting out, the number one piece of advice you’ll probably hear is “Pick one thing and stick with it”.  But what you want to know is where to sell online so you can actually make a start somewhere. And with so many new decisions to make ‘going online’, picking one thing isn’t always […]

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Why EBay Sellers Should Get A Shopify Store

With the arrival of the new Shopify eBay Channel, people who are already selling on eBay are missing out if they don’t set up a Shopify online store. The channel is allowing easier selling through both eBay and your own online store, all from one centralized Shopify hub. There are many benefits to selling through […]

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