Boost Sales By Pulling "Distracted" Visitors Back To Your Store

Your Store Visitors Are Being Distracted And Leaving Before Buying...

Why your store isnt making sales questioning why

To run a profitable online store, you NEED to do your very best to get the most out of your traffic.

The problem is, with all the distractions online nowadays, it's all too easy for your visitors to get distracted before they buy from your site.

All it takes is one Facebook message, email or other notification and you've lost their attention...

... And it doesn't take long for your would-be customers to completely forget about that cool product they were just about to buy...

Tab Sales Booster "Pulls" Them Back

Tab Engage

Tab Engage ingeniously works by using the exact same methods to "distract" them back to your site.

You can use any combination of animated browser tab text, sound and icon animation to scream out for your visitors attention.

...And when you get them back, you can close the sale quick-smart by showing off a cool coupon.

And just so you know exactly how well Tab Engage is working, you can enable Google Analytics integration, to see just how many people you are getting back 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do after installing?

Just choose how you want your tab appearance to change when visitors open a new tab. Your choices display on your store tab to drive visitors back into your store once they've become inactive.

Do I have to display a pop-up?

No, you can benefit from extra traffic to your store without any pop up. But we do recommend offering a coupon or a limited time special to boost your conversions.

Is Tab Sales Booster customizable?

Yes, it's customizable with a selection of tab alert types and tab title styles, colors to suit your store. You can add your own images URLs or pages to display popups to visitors coming back into your store.

Will Tab Sales Booster work with my theme?

Yes most likely. But, if your theme is in the small minority and you can't get up and running right out of the box, simply contact us. Most of the time only a minor tweak is needed.