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We’ve had a few clients tell us that “I’m running ads and have Facebook traffic but still no sales!”   If you want to get quick results, then running Facebook ads is one of the best ways to go.  But paying for Facebook ad campaigns without making sales is a sure fire way to burn through […]

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“Adding value” is something we should all be doing more of to sell more products.  Even though most business owners know they should be adding value, few actually do.   Online guides will often give a vague description of what “adding value” is, and they throw in one or two examples.  We’re going to fully explain […]

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Creating an online store is one of the easiest ways for you to build an income with few overheads and sales around-the-clock worldwide.  Yet your store isn’t making any sales at all, and you don’t know why.  Clients wanting expert advice ask “Why don’t I have any sales?” or “It’s been five months!  My store has […]

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