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Packaging To Drive More Customers and Repeat Business

Your packaging is the first experience your customer has with your brand.  And it’s easier than you think to use your packaging to drive more customers and repeat business.

You’ve only got one shot at a first impression, so don’t waste it with plain boring sloppy packaging.

A plain box with a packaging sticker doesn’t help your brand.  Plain is not memorable. It’s just like any other boring box that arrives in the post.

Here are our tried and true ways to make what you send memorable and package products to drive more customers and repeat business.

1. Custom-Branded Boxes

packaging to drive more customers gift box

It’s all about attention to details.

This is a sophisticated way to use packaging to drive more customers and repeat business and is critical if you’re selling anything with a luxury feel.

If you can, use full custom-branded boxes.  Very little else will build customer loyalty so quickly.

These can be a little costly, however, custom branding really gives the Wow!-Factor to your customers’ experience and your products.

It’s a memorable way to generate perceived added value and your customers will love you for it.

Your brand can ‘go viral’ with the right customers enjoying the process of unpacking the items you’ve sent them.   Social media is full of people showing off by unboxing their goods on video.

2. Getting The Custom Look For Next To Nothing

packaging to drive more customers rubber stamp


Fully custom branded boxes can be pricey – especially if you’re only at the point of product testing the market.

For much less of an outlay, custom stickers and packaging tape can really show you care through packaging to drive more customers and repeat business.

It’s a neat way to personalize your customer experience without going the whole hog of designing and ordering custom-branded boxes.

A more eco-friendly and even cheaper alternative is to use rubber stamps.

Stamps and ink are easy to find online, inexpensive and can be used over and over again – an earth-friendlier approach to stickers.  And a sure fire way to ramp up cusomter loyalty.

3. The Power Of The Free Sample

packaging to drive more customers small gift samples

Who doesn’t love something for nothing?

Anything additional you can include in each order is a real surprise to your customers.   Adding a free sample is an easy way to build a loyal following and increase your mentions on social media.

So what could you include?

Free samples could be anything.

End of line products, sample sized packs of your best sellers, stickers or stamps.  Another way is including a second item of what your customer ordered depending on your product margins.

You could partner with a friend and send small samples of your goods to each other’s customers and help each other’s business.

4. Adding Personal Touches

packaging to drive more customers thank you notes

The way you package products can encourage die-hard fans and raving repeat customers.  This truly is packaging to drive more customers and repeat business.

Why?  Because it adds the gift-giving element to your postage.

It makes it feel like a real person, not a machine, hand picked and handled their order with care and sent it especially to them.

Giving that element of human touch is much easier than you think.

A simple handwritten note, a real-life paper discount coupon or including a free sample are time and margin-friendly ways to add personal touches without breaking the bank.  Remember to brand whatever you add.

Customers will be much more likely to order again.  This is customer loyalty gold.

They’ll review well and share on social media, this is what we want, sharing to generate more customers and repeat customers.

5. Use the Right Sized Box

packaging to drive more customers using correct boxes

It’s remarkably simple but so many people forget this.

Using the smallest box required for the items saves money and helps your bottom line.

Finding a wide variety of boxes is straight-forward.

A lot of plain boxes are now super affordable if you order them online, they’re delivered quickly and come in almost every dimension of size.

6. Want Some Free Packaging?

Some services (like USPS) actually give away packaging boxes and tape for free which you can use when you are starting out.

They’re intended for priority sending across the US and can be dressed up to look more custom when you are starting out.

Check out to see whether there is anyone in your region offering this.

7. That’s All Great, But I’m Dropshipping!?..

packaging to drive more customers for you specialty candy

Dropshipping can be a little tricky, but it’s no excuse to avoid packaging to drive more customers and repeat business.

You can talk directly to your dropshipper.  If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

See what they can do to include any options with what they are supplying your customers with.  This will depend on your relationship with them and probably will be based on how much business you are already generating.

If your dropshipper is not flexible or you are just starting out, your best option is to send a follow-up email….

packaging to drive more customers personal email

The email you send should be a really good one.

It should include a genuine wish that you hope they enjoy the product and that you are there is they have any queries or issues.

Remember to personally sign off!

If you use Third Party-Logistics (3PL) just include your free sample or freebie as part of what to pick and pack.

If you’re still too busy building your business to do your own packaging and shipping you could always hire someone else to do it, use a fulfillment house or 3PL.

Plain packaging doesn’t say much about your brand and your product.  Take your opportunity to show your customers you care by packaging your products to drive more customers and repeat business.

If you have questions about your packaging or any of our software, we’re a friendly dedicated support team, and you can contact us here.